Camperdown Botanic Gardens revitalisation

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University of Melbourne students collaborated with Camperdown Botanic Gardens Trust to prepare concept designs for a renewed and unified Gardens and Arboretum.

Each student undertook a major research project around this theme and Heather Forward (Illumina Design) took part in this program. She concluded that the views of the volcanic landscape and crater lakes from the Gardens were outstanding, as was the position of the Gardens within this framework.  She also found a strong connection, through the work of William Guilfoyle, to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.

The theme ‘Volcanoes and Lakes’ (titled: ‘Mountains of Fire’) was therefore chosen as a unifying element for the Gardens and Arboretum.

Playing out that theme in the concept design, the Gardens has a renewed dramatic focal point around a volcanic cone, a crater lake and a renewed contemporary rotunda sitting at the centre of the lake, accessed by stepping stones.

The Arboretum design contains an Adventure Park on the Volcanoes and Lakes theme, where local landmarks, such as the Camperdown clocktower, lakes Gnotuk and Bullen Merri and Mt Leura are represented by various play equipment.

Read the full Camperdown_Botanic_Gardens_Report by H. Forward, Illumina Design.

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