Brick veneer, circa 1950


Another example of a brick veneer, circa 1950 to 1960 (adjacent) is located at Altona near the beach front. The house is looking dated and is set within a less than inspiring framework. How can such a house be transformed? A bit of colour helps to modernise the house itself, but it is the garden that gives this house the lift it needs.


Plants, such as Callistemon, Agave, Kangaroo Paw, Corymbia ficifolia and grasses are tolerant of salt, wind and low rainfall and therefore good  choices for the seaside and the sandy soils that predominate in this area.

Here is a plan of the house and garden as is (adjacent) . There are a few existing Callistemons at the front and on the eastern edge of the block. The image above shows the addition of low-water use plants and grasses to this frontage.

The plan below shows some minor changes to the house to open it up to the garden. QueenGarden

The kitchen, laundry and meals have been   amalgamated into a simplified unit oriented to the northern light and views.  The laundry was moved to the sunroom area a hitherto useless space. The northern and western sides of the house now have a pergola covered in grape vines that provide shade in summer and in winter drop their leaves to allow in light and warmth.  There are lawns and fruit trees and a hidden wild garden at the back where children can build cubbies, play in a dry creek bed and sand pit and swing in the large tree.



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